I would like to introduce you to Harriet my Headache. I get visits from her all the time and I am not too sure why she loves me so much. However, Harriet comes over like a few times a week and seriously, I wish she would stop coming.

I have noticed that Harriet the Headache comes a lot more now that I have had my thyroid removed. My doctor just says that I just get migraines and that was that. Sure, he gave me some pills to take, but those pills make me sleep. So, really, how does that help me?

I was thinking maybe I should keep a headache journal to see if I can find the pattern to Harriet’s stays. But the truth is, I don’t think she really has a pattern. If I cry a lot, then she shows up. If I didn’t drink enough water or sleep enough, she will show up. Harriet has no pattern, she just comes and goes as she pleases.

Truth be told, I am sick of her.

If everything I do causes a headache, that can’t be normal. My mom died of a brain tumor exploding and that makes me doubly afraid. I don’t want to die the way she did, but I also don’t want people picking in my brain.

So, I wonder if it has to do with my thyroid or if I am just one of those chicks that gets headaches.

I also noticed that a lot of teachers get headaches, too.

Could that be it?

I don’t know and I am so sick of having Harriet come and stay.

Would anyone else lik to offer to have Harriet come over for a bit?