Don’t ask me why, but I wanted to see the musical “Legally Blonde”. When I heard it was coming to Philly for a week’s engagement, I went right to the website and ordered two tickets. I figured I would find someone to go with me. A lot of my friends are always talking about how much they want to go see plays and musicals and stuff like that, so I figured it would be a piece of cake to find someone to use the extra ticket. I wasn’t even asking anyone to buy the second ticket. I figured I purchased it and I wouldn’t mind having someone hang out with me for a few hours and do something a bit different.

Well, I thought wrong. No one wanted to go with me. I am sure if I tried hard enough, I could have found someone to go with me. But I’ll be honest; I got annoyed. I hate when people sit and complain how they want to do something and then when the opportunity is there, they just sit right back down and pass on it. I hate when people do this because I, in fact, do this and it annoys me that I am like that. I try not to be but sometimes I get too weak and I bail out.

I almost didn’t go to the play at all. At first, I am still sick (even though my doctor said I should be better by now, I still feel like I have an elephant chilling on my chest). Then I was like, “I don’t want to go and look like an looser seeing a show by myself.” The show was on Saturday at 2pm and by Friday I convinced myself I was just going to eat the two tickets and not see the play.

Saturday came and I started rethinking my early resolution. When I was in London, I saw all kinds of performances by myself. I never cared what people thought of me. If I wanted to see a show, I purchased the ticket and went to the show. Why couldn’t I do the same thing here in America? Why was it bothering me if people looked at me funny for not having enough friends to drag them to see a show with me? Was I really going to see these people again?

The thing is, it isn’t the fact that I don’t have friends. I just have friends that want to do their own thing. I am like that as well. Most of the time, I will do what I want and not really care if someone goes with me or not. If someone wants to come along then that’s great, but either way, I will do what I want to do. I have gone on many vacations by myself (London, Gettysburg,  and Boston to name just a few).  So why should going to see a play that no one else wants to see bother me?

I guess it comes from the fact that I don’t think I ask much of my friends. I try not to ask a lot of anyone. I don’t want to put anyone out or anything. So, when I do ask for something I get disappointed when someone says no.

So, at 1pm on Saturday I got into my car and drove into Philly. I took both tickets and walked into the show. I put my coat and bag on the empty seat and watched the show. I didn’t care what anyone around me thought. Sure, it was a bit boring waiting for the show to begin and during intermission. Then it was odd when something cute happened, I had no one to turn to and say “how cute.” But, so what..that was only small pockets of time.

I am glad I didn’t waste both tickets. I don’t think anyone should stop his or her self from doing things he or she wants to do in life. If we are the only one in our group of friends who wants to see a concert, a movie, a show…why should we punish ourselves by not seeing it? We only have a limited time on this earth and shouldn’t we go see the things we want to?

So, if you see someone sitting alone at a table, a movie, or a show, don’t make the mistake by thinking they are lonely or a looser. That is just a person doing what they want to do and no one is stopping them. That is something that should be admired and not mocked.