I watch this show by default. What Not To Wear comes on right after it and I get tired of trying to find something to occupy the remain five mintues before 6pm, so then I am forced to watch some of this show.

I got to tell you, that Kate lady is a royal bitch.

Now, maybe I am being too harsh. I mean, I do only see like a few minutes of the show. However, if I can see that in five minutes I want to punch her in her face, then really, do I need to watch any more of the show?

Perhaps it is because she has 8 kids. I think I would kill myself if I had 8 toddlers running around. I know that I am not good with the little kids. My sister and I even had a plan, she would raise any off spring until the teen years and then I would take the teen years and finish raising the kids.

Then I though maybe she is so mean because her husband has no personality.

But  the truth is, he does have a personality. He is just never allowed to show it. But he is crafty and every now and again he shows signs of life. But man, I do feel bad for him. She is so controling (mabe being around 8 kids conditions you to just control everything) that I have no idea how he stands it. It looks to me like he never even gets to talk. In one episode, she was giving him bags of dry cereal to hand to the kids and she was like, “don’t crush up the cereal because you are mad at the kids.” I thought maybe his anger came from listening to his nagging wife go on and on about how the kids would stop being crabby if they had food (by the way, the kids weren’t that crabby; Kate was).

He always looks so defeated. At the end of each so when they are both sitting in a chair, he looks like he is begging for someone to come and rescue him. She always has to have the last word and she is so demanding.

I know that maybe I shouldn’t talk so much. I don’t know what it is like having 8 kids and a TV crew living in my house. But, the other show called 17 kids and counting, the mother doesn’t seem like a total bitch. She seems actually happy and nice.

All I know is I don’t like that Kate woman. She seems really mean and I don’t understand why. Furthermore, I refuse to sit through the tv show to find out why I don’t like her because I think I might throw a coffee mug at her head.