It may be the 6th of December, but I sure don’t feel like it is Christmas time. I guess as we get older, Christmas takes on different meaning and truthfully I think that is bollocks. I don’t think Christmas time should be filled with cranky people pounding the mall, complaining about how much they have to spend on people. Or how they don’t know what someone wants and why couldn’t that person just give them a list.

I don’t think we should have lists. A list just says, here is what I want you to buy me. Then that keeper of the list has to go from store to store looking for your items. When they can’t find what you want, then they get all mad and cranky.

Christmas time shouldn’t be all anger and crankiness. It should be about your family and spending time with them.

I will tell you the best time I ever had was shopping for gifts. I could walk into any random store and I would find something for him or her.

One Christmas, about three years ago now, I had the best time ever. I actually went to the King of Prussia Mall (I guess I was just trying to get killed) searching for a certain gift. I couldn’t find the scarf I wanted, but I found one even better (which I am sure the lovely two hundred dollar scarf is lost somewhere or has been sold to someone else on ebay).  This one person I am talking about, I started searching for gifts in like October. I ordered CD’s from London, I found a copy of your favorite book signed (sure, it was directed to you, but the guy was dead, so I made do), I found some movies I knew you would like. I had the best time ever shopping for you. The next year I had an even better time finding you stuff. I got you so much random stuff. Remember your birthday and all the Spiderman stuff?

Oh great…now I’m crying again.

Anyhow, my point is that happiness I felt when hunting gifts for you. That is what I think Christmas time should be all about. We should be honored and overjoyed that this person is in our life that looking for gifts for them should be the best time ever.

I think somewhere along the way, Christmas time becomes a strange competition. Everyone wants to buy the most expensive gift and the best gift. However, I don’t think it should be that way at all. I think Christmas time should be the time when you get to honor the important people in your life. Maybe get them things they wouldn’t think to get for themselves. Let people know that you took time finding their gift and not just picking something off a rack to fullfil an obligation.

Christmas time isn’t an obligation; it is a time to gather the ones you love and spoil them with love and the most random and craziest stuff ever.