Normally I would have a list seven miles long of all the things I want for this holiday season and will not get from anyone. So, instead of getting my hopes up that someone may actually buy me that Tiffany’s necklace and Burberry bag I want (and will no doubt end up buying myself), I have decided to request things that have no monatary value. I want simple things really. You can make them in five minutes (or if you really love me you can make craft it in five hours).

This holiday season I want my friend’s memories and their time.

Nothing means more to me then when someone shares his or her memories with me. Words written from the heart are better then any book or hallmark card I could ever find. I still hold on to a birthday card that someone made me. Sure, the card was like from three years ago, but I still have it in a very safe place because it was made for me and it had our jokes in it.

I’ll be honest, in my old house I still have a bag of letters from high school and middle school. What can I say? Words have always held so much meaning to me that I can’t bare to let anything someone has ever written to me go.

How funny that I never got a love letter? Sure, I got a ton of, “hey, what’s up(an arrow pointing up and not the actual word up) i’m bored in math class and thought I would write you a letter.” But no one has ever taken pen and paper and written how much they have loved me and how much I mean to their life. What does that say about me? Either I date a bunch of guys who can’t write or something far worse. No man has ever loved me enough to open up his heart and tell me what he feels. I’m thinking it’s number two.

Anyhow, this holiday, I want people to remind me why I am in thier lives. I want their memories. I also want their time.

You would not believe how important it would be for me to just spend one hour with someone I love. If I could just have a hug and maybe share a few jokes and some tea. Maybe an apple jammie jam as well (but I don’t want to be too pushy). The people who are in my heart mean everything to me and there is nothing more meaningful to me then just spending some time together. How important would I feel if someone I loved just took one hour out of his or her life and spent that time with me!

Is that too much to ask for?

I don’t want material things this year. I can buy myself whatever I want this year, so your gifts won’t really mean anything. Your time, your arms hugging me, maybe a big old sloppy kiss on the cheek…those are the gifts that I hang onto for my lifetime. Those are the gifts I treasure more than anything.