If you haven’t seen this show on HBO, then you are missing out on the funniest show I have seen in a long time.

The show is a mockumentary about three people at this school called Summer Heights High. One is a drama school teacher called Mr. G. The other is Jonah who is in 8th grade and can’t read, so he makes all kinds of trouble in class. The last is the exchange student from a private school named Ja’Mie.

I tell you I have never laughed so hard in my life. This show is almost as funny as Clone High.

By far my favorite character is Jonah. He tells all his teachers to fuck off and it is so funny to hear how he says it. He will mumble real low, “Fuck you, Miss.” He hates his English teacher, but loves his basic skills teacher. It seriously makes me laugh every time he is on.

Ja’Mie is a freakin’ idiot. But it is so good. Just last week she sent a picture out over the internet trashing all her new friends at Summer Heights High. The best line I heard her say was, “build a bridge and get over it (she says that to her friends about the bashing picture).”

Mr G…well, he is a hot mess. Just recently a girl in school overdosed on “e”and he wrote a musical about the girl’s life and death for the kids in the school to perform.

This show is just awesome. It is hysterically funny and I seriously suggest you tune in on Sunday night at 11:30pm to watch it.