What a day…what a day. I am still sick but I swear I am getting better. Maybe by say like June I can shake this cold?

I doubt it.

Anyhow, today was a tough day but I have faith that it will get better. I see glimmers of hope popping off inside the their minds. Also, I think they are learning even more about me, the type of person I am and that will always make a difference.

In some ways I feel like the dog whisperer…could I be a teacher whisperer? Maybe that could be a new show. Would people watch it? I would watch it.

Think about it, a show about a teacher who takes on the toughest cases.  Don’t give me any of that Freedom Writer bull shit. I will give her that she helped that one class of students and did a lot for her kids. But, I would be more impressed if she did that same thing in another school. I have been in four different schools and in each school I have had the same results. One person in one school does not impress me.

But, regardless, today was a rough day because it is just difficult. I am coming into a class instead of taking over from the start so there is a ton of confusion. The kids don’t know me yet and they don’t know my teaching credentials. I can’t wait until they start to really see me.

Some of them are seeing it already. I just sit back and smile. It’s always nice to see the light bulbs go on.

Teaching is in no way an easy job and I guess that is why I love it.