For the last few days, I have been sick. I know it isn’t a very good excuse as to why I haven’t been writing. I guess I am not looking to make an excuse. I just wanted you to know that I have just been sick and haven’t had the energy to get up and write. That is horrible, I know, but at least I am getting better.

It took me two hours to plan my lessons for the week. I know my students won’t appreicate that and will probably stomp all over the cool things I have for them to do. I don’t blame them really. They are kids and that is their job. They are sent to test me. They want to make sure I am going to be there and I won’t give up on them.

I won’t give up. I never do. There are still some kids I won’t give up on (even though I swear they hate me).

Before I even took this job, I kept praying that I would find the job that I am supposed to be in. I kept saying just let me find the job that will help me do the things that I want to do. You know, keep writing and go to grad school.

So, when I got the job, I knew that this was where I was intended to go.

I am not scared or anything. I will try not to get fustrated. I must keep reminding myself that they are just kids and they need to make sure I am who I say I am. They need to make sure I will be there until the end.

I will be because I don’t see giving up as an option.

This won’t be easy, but I know that in time they will understand.

Also I love testing myself. I always want to know if I am doing the right thing and I always look for the toughest challenges.

So, off I go to finish my lesson plans.