People need to do the job their are paid to do.

Nothing annoys me more then being in a shop, standing at the check out, and listening to when the employee is either leaving or going on break. I seriously don’t care about either of these events. I just want to be acknowledged, perhaps some idle chit chat (which is odd because when I worked in retail I hated when people used to tell strange things like their dog threw up or their child has chicken pox, but now I find myself telling strangers odd things like I just started a new job today or I love this lip gloss…does the employee care? Not at all. However, I am still compelled to tell them these things. I can’t stop myself either. Once I start talking then my whole history comes out. No one wants to listen to all of that. However, I still do it…I digress), and then be thanked for shopping at the store.

Am I asking for too much?

Okay, I know that making someone hear my life store is odd, but could I just get a smile and a thank you?

Do I need to know that your break is in fifteen minutes and that Tim better not call out because you can’t stay extra today?  Is it really important for me, as the shopper, to know that the manager just sits all day in his or her office while you do all the real work?

You are paid to ring up my purchases. Can you please just do your job?

I would be forever thankful if when I came up to the register, you would stop talking to the other employee. You can talk again when I am gone, but could I just have a few seconds of your attention?

Am I too needy?

I am just so sick of people not going the job they are paid to do. If you hate the job that bad then quit and let someone else do it because trust me, someone else would be thankful to have a job. Stop thinking everyone else will just excuse your behavior and understand. Don’t think others will pick up the slack for you.

Do your job and do it well. If you can’t, then find a new one.

That concludes my rant for today.