The class assignment was to draw a heart. Inside the heart, everyone was supposed to put all the things she or he loved inside the heart. It could be people, or clothes, or animals. The only requirement was it had to be something that you loved.


As the class was working on looking into their heart finding a loved one (or thing) to write a story about, one kid came up to the teacher and asked if she would draw a heart in the kid’s notebook. He didn’t like the one he had and he wanted it to be perfect. The teacher, trying not to stifle creativity, told the kid that it didn’t matter what the heart looked like and she asked him why he wanted to make his heart so perfect. It is such a simple question really, but it really started my mind twirling.


Why do we all try to make our hearts so perfect? We all make up these rules about what love is and what it isn’t. People have to jump through major obstacles just to prove they love us. At times, we make impossible goals for ourselves so we can be “perfect” and get that “perfect” love we deserve.


But why do we do it? Why can’t love be imperfect? Isn’t there a certain kind of perfection in imperfect things? Also, we will never be perfect. Love will never be perfect. If we continue demanding love to be perfect, we won’t ever have that perfect love.


I’m not saying that we shouldn’t look for certain things in those that we love. I do think we need to understand that someone’s love is the ultimate gift. There is nothing more personal and precious then someone loving another person. Love is pure and is given unconditionally. Love doesn’t have categories. Love is just love and it is honestly just that simple. Lastly, love will never be what we perceive as perfect because love is already naturally perfect.


I understand why the kid wanted his heart to look perfect. All the things that he loves and cherishes deserve the best and prettiest place to dwell.


I also understand the teacher telling him that his heart doesn’t need to be perfect; his heart just needs to be his and it will already be perfect.  


Both views are right. We want the best for those we love. Sometimes nothing can stop us from trying to get our loved ones the very best (and there are times when we do get stopped and it eats away at us like a cancer until we bleed…or is that just me?). The truth is our love is already the very best we can give to our loved ones. It is already perfect because it comes from us. We maybe flawed and misjudge things because the heart acts and doesn’t always think ahead. At the end of the day, we are alive because of the people in our hearts. We live for them. To me, nothing could be more perfect then that simple fact.