It’s true. I am back teaching. Sure, I said I would never go back into the classroom and for about two years, I really thought I wouldn’t go back. But, life is funny that way and I guess I can fight it all I want. The truth is, I am a teacher. I am also a writer. That was the part I was missing the first few years being in the classroom. In a way, I guess that was why I left the classroom. I thought I was just not good enough to teach. In reality, I was missing a huge part of me and because I didn’t have that piece, I wasn’t working to my full potential. But I am back now and I am finally the whole package.


I am really excited about the school and the district I am working in. It reminds me a lot like Philly and I love it. Also, everyone seems so impressed with me and I can’t help but blush. I feel like I have truly found a home and I am accepted. They love the whole package of me and they don’t seem to want to change a thing.


The other day was my first day around the kids. They are a curious bunch. Most people would be put off by how the kids reacted to me, but I just gave them my smile (or in some cases my teacher look). The kids are scared of me. This isn’t unusual. Most kids are afraid of me.


Then this one kid threw a chair. Most people probably would have crapped their pants. I just laughed and thought to myself, “Welcome home.”


I am really looking forward to this year. I can feel that I can finally settle down in this district and set down some serious roots. Hell, I might even retire here. But keep in mind I am still looking for a master’s program and I will continue writing. I also have that writer’s group I am starting up, so I will continue to keep myself grounded in the two worlds I love: teaching and writing.


My goal this year is to get my kids to read the book The Golden Compass. I believe that is the book that started it all. It could have been the lunchables…but I think it all began with that book. Haha…you hate me don’t you?