I know I was all excited that Jim (Melinda’s husband from Ghost Whisperer) was going to die this year. I mean from the first episode i the first season, they were setting up that Jim was going to have to go. But, sure, I had a few salty leaks come from my eyes when he was sitting there looking at her explaining how he died (which is odd because I thought most sudden deaths don’t really know how they died or that they even know that they are dead). However, then I remembered what I was watching and I was fine.


But, I still have a few issues.


First, seriously, a cop is just going to shoot into a house knowing there is a fifty-fifty chance you might injure the good guy? I found that really hard to believe. I would think a cop would get a bit closer to the house. Also, the cop was far away, it was dark, and there was a glass window in the way and yet, he still managed to hit Jim in the shoulder with a bullet. For a small town cop, he has some pretty good aim.


Then I read in Entertainment Weekly that this week’s episode is going to be far worse. Apparently Jim’s memorial service is a big party and everyone is dancing around. Melinda won’t be able to see any other ghosts because she will be too heart broken (I am in no way making fun of anyone who had to loose a spouse. My mother lost my dad when I was nine, so I know that it is truly painful). Also, Jim doesn’t seem to want to “go into the light.”


I always question the believability of this show. Isn’t there someone on the writing staff who has the job of making sure the story lines make sense? Where is Melinda’s mother in all of this? Why wasn’t she at the hospital with Delia and Jamie Kennedy?


What? Is Jim now going to help Melinda with her ghost problems because he is now a ghost as well? Also, how much you want to bet Melinda is pregnant? I know you are thinking that it is impossible, but I bet she somehow got pregnant.


This show frustrates me to no end, yet I am still watching it. Maybe I like picking it apart and finding all the mistakes in the story line. After all, I am a writer and an English teacher, so it is like second nature for me to start picking at things.


Or maybe I am upset because I like the idea of the show and it just keeps getting dumber. I love the idea that someone can see ghosts and help them move on. If my parents didn’t get the memo that they died, I would like to know that there could be someone they could go to that would help them move on.


It’s true. I do believe in ghosts. I do believe that when we die, we still get to watch out for our loved ones. Hell, I am counting on that belief. I want to know that if things get too rough for me, my parents can send in the Calvary to help me. When I die, I need to know that I can still watch over my little ones and kick them in the shin when they do something stupid.

I need all of that to be real and I think that is why I still watch the show. I want to believe the show is possible. When the writers make up dumb things, it shakes my faith that maybe people can’t see ghosts. I have been through too much and I don’t want my faith shaken anymore.