Okay, first, I know that vampires do not exist. Second, I read that book, Twilight and now I understand why it has so much appeal. The book itself was not really well written or anything. The main character was a bit flat and there were many unbelievable things happening in the novel (besides vampires, I mean). However, this book is a huge success and I get it. I understand why.


It is all because of the vampire Edward. The way he is described and what he is capable of doing…yup, I get it. What girl doesn’t want a man who is drop dead gorgeous with hazel eyes and fluffy brown hair? I know I want a man who can just pick me up and carry me all through the forest without breaking a sweat. Let’s face it, as much as girls complain that they are all independent and don’t need a man to take care of them; the truth is we all want a man to stop a car from killing us. We all want a man to fight for us. There is something so romantic about a man standing up to the world and saying we are the chicks he loves.


Then there is the fact that they have been around forever and will never die (unless another vampire comes to kill them). With my history, I would love the guarantee that the man I love could not be killed. I would feel so much better about things and I could finally really let myself just love another man. Think of all the education and all that a vampire can experience just living forever. Who doesn’t want a brilliant man with refined manners to love us?


Vampires have tremendous wealth. I am not saying I am a gold digger. I am going to sound like one, but I am not. I have no problem pulling my weight in a relationship or even supporting someone if it comes to that. But I would love the idea that I could decide to work or not. If I want to take a year off to travel or write, I want to be able to have that option. If a vampire could love me, then I would be set. I could do whatever I want and I would be taken care of. 


So it’s true, my perfect man is a vampire. I want the man who will love me down to his very soul. I want a man with all the b’s: brilliant, beautiful, brawn, and billions. I need someone who is completely loyal to me and who would love to just watch me sleep. I also know that I am not alone in these thoughts.


Books about vampires are so successful because some women in the world want to marry a vampire. All of those fictionalized qualities vampires have are really appealing. Since vampires only exist in novels, women like me have to go out and buy these books and sigh because our perfect man only lives in the minds of Anne Rice, Stephenie Meyer, and us.