When we were all growing up, we had certain ideas of what we wanted our adult lives to look like. I know that I wanted to be happily married, have a child or two, publish a poem or seven, and be a successful teacher. I also wanted all this before I turned thirty.


Well, life didn’t turn out that way for me and you would think I would be upset. I’m not though. My life is my life and every experience I have lived through is just another life lesson I am thankful for. I am not mad at myself for how my life turned out. I am smart enough to know there is no sense in blaming others for what happened or didn’t happen. I had choices and I made them. Results came from those choices and here I am.


But others aren’t like me.


Nothing annoys me more then when you meet up with an old friend or boyfriend and you go through the ritual of “my life is better then what it is.” Why are we so compelled to lie about our lives?


I had this button when I was in middle school. It said, “I buy things I don’t need, with money I don’t have to impress people I don’t like.” While that may no longer be my mantra, it still appeals to so many others.


With facebook and myspace, we can now check up on former flames and rivals and compare lives. But why do we punish ourselves? No one has enough guts to really put his or her self really out there and that person’s page is just the cleaned up version of what is really going on. Do not look at that person’s page and feel like you are pathetic because they look so happy and maybe you aren’t right now. Think about it, is someone going to put a sad picture up? Of course not! We can hide online from others and even ourselves.


I fell for that trap many times. I would look up people I used to know and then freak out because they looked like they just had it all. But, it was only just a look.


If you want to know what is going on with me, I will tell you. I am not ashamed of who I am or the decisions I made because I learned from each decision. You want to know what that scar is on my neck? I’ll tell you. It isn’t what you think it is and even if it were, I would still tell you. You want to know what my tattoos represent? I’ll explain all nine of them and I will even tell you which person in my life they stand for.


I hate liars. I won’t lie to others about my life to make it look better then what it is because I just think that is lame. We should just accept who we are and the results from our decisions. I do not look for sympathy when I tell people about my life. I don’t think there is anything in my life that needs sympathy. It was my lesson to learn and not yours and again, I am thankful for that lesson.


I wish people would stop looking at others to try and compare lives. You life is yours and it doesn’t compare to anyone else’s. Don’t look at another’s life and compare it to yours because you will never have all the facts and you can’t make a real accurate assessment.


If you need to compare your life to something, look at the dreams you had when you were younger. Which ones did you accomplish? Which ones can you still accomplish? Why aren’t you accomplishing them? Focus on yourself rather then what everyone else has and you will become happier.