I am not a very political person. I tend to like learning about history then participating in the history that is happening right in front of my face. But today, I got a bill from my doctor and I am pretty annoyed.


I mentioned that I had a cancer, right? We’ve talked about that, right? Well, as part of my recovery plan, I have to get my blood work done every three months and my medication regulated. I hate going to the doctor as it is and now that I have this bill, it makes me want to go even less.


My bill is for a doctor’s visit in which I basically got a prescription for my synthroid. For those of you who don’t remember, this is the medicine I will be on for the rest of my life.  Stopping the medication is not an option and could kill me if I stopped it for a long period of time. For me, going to the doctor isn’t a choice.


I changed insurances because I quit my one job and needed to get a new insurance. I didn’t know about this preexisting clause of the insurance. Apparently this is a common clause in which if you have a medical condition before you get your new insurance, the new insurance company will not pay for any medical treatment for that condition. This means that if you had cancer or are a diabetic and you switch your insurance, they aren’t going to cover your treatment.


This is the most horrible thing I have ever heard of and the most ridiculous. It’s not like I am trying to “get one over” on the insurance company. I didn’t ask to have cancer. Nor did I ask to have to take medicine for the rest of my life. I barely do all the things I am supposed to do to make sure the cancer stays out of my body and now I learn that if I did do those things, my insurance wouldn’t have covered it anyhow.


I understand that the bottom line is to save money. If you think about it, I am an insurance company’s dream because I pay them every month and rarely use their services. All I ask is that when I have to use them, they help me out. Not deny my doctor bill claim and make me pay that on top of what I already pay them to cover me.


Some will tell me that universal health care is the answer and I am telling you that it isn’t. This is coming from someone who’s mother died because she never went to the doctor because we didn’t have heath insurance. Under universal heath care, we would all be covered, but we wouldn’t be able to see a doctor for like two years.


I think the answer is much easier then universal heath care. We need to get rid of the preexisting clause. Also, insurances should stop trying to just make money off of people and do the job we are paying them to do. More people would feel better about paying for insurance if they knew that it was going to help them and not cheat them out of stuff. There is nothing I hate more then paying for something and then finding out I have to pay some more for the thing I was paying for in the first place.


It’s like they are saying to me “Congratulations on your cancer survival, but for the first year you are with us, we wouldn’t pay for you to remain cancer free.” What if I do get cancer again because I didn’t take care of myself for this first year of my new insurance? Wouldn’t they be paying more? Or would they call it a preexisting condition and I would be paying and fighting for my life at the same time?