Or maybe the better question is “Why am I still watching the show?”


I read an article about the ten worst actors on television and Love Hewitt topped the list for her lack of range. It is true that every week she has the same three reactions: screams, cries, and tries to pull off being genuine. I also noticed that people who may in fact have a splashing of talent do not get much “face time”. People like Manheim and Jay Mohr are very limited in their appearances in the show. Then, people like that dude who plays her husband, he is now helping her with the ghostly encounters and getting even more air time. It’s horrible, but from season one until now I have been waiting for the day they kill off her husband. We all know it’s coming and it is just a matter of time. They killed off her first best friend, which I thought was so stupid. However, she could act a bit and was able to pull off believable emotions.


Then, I want to know how the hell did “Ned” (Delia’s son) grow up so quickly? Did the producers really think we wouldn’t catch on that in one episode Ned is like this small, scrawny ten year old and then in the next episode he is like this hunky teen? No explanation was given either. Not even a, “Hey Mom, I think I want to try out for the wrestling team” which then could explain why he is like three feet taller and about fifty pounds heavier. I know that guys go through growth spurts, but Ned’s was like a freakin’ gusher. How dumb do the producers think the views are? Well, I know, we are watching the show, so…point taken. But why did they get rid of little Ned? Oh, that’s right, the kid who played Ned could act.


Jay Mohr is gone, too. The rumor is Jay is dead (which would make sense). In the first couple of episodes this season, only Melinda and Jamie Kennedy would talk to Jay. Oh sorry, Jamie can hear ghosts but can’t see them. There was a fire in his office and he died for like a few seconds and her husband brought him back to life. Now, he just hears ghosts and walks around with Melinda as a sidekick.


I liked the Jay Mohr character. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a slightly strange college professor who teaches about the science of the paranormal? Oh, Melinda wouldn’t. But, I swear that was where they were going, but again, Mohr has some talent so…off with his head.


Going back to Jamie Kennedy. We all know what an accomplished actor he is and I seriously am at a loss for words about this new addition. Were they trying to pull on his “name?”  Really, I don’t know what the hell is going on.


Is the “Ghost Whisperer” a training ground for actors? I can see not wanting to upstage the main character, but come on, give me something besides her boobs to look at. I swear in last week’s episode, she had on this bright yellow dress that barely covered her boobs. Then in the deep sweetheart neckline, it was all ruffles (because we need to draw more attention to her boobs). The best part of the dress for me was the straps. They were these thick, masking tape size and colored straps that crossed in front of her collarbones and made a big “x” on her chest. First, never in my life have a seen a woman walking around town in the outfits that Melinda Gordon tramps along in. Sure, women are supposed to all wear flirty skirts and knee-high boots as we run after ghosts and make them “cross over.”


Why didn’t she take her husband’s name? She goes by her maiden name all the time and I wonder could that be the hint that she will separate herself from her husband? It is definitely a way to keep her at a distance from him, but I just want to know why.  


Am I reading too much into the show? Sure I am, but I can’t help it. I just want to know why every Friday I sit in front of the TV and watch as another ghost crosses over and Melinda gives us those stupid fake tears and lip quiver!