I have too many books. It is just as simple as that. In my one bedroom apartment, books are everywhere (and yes, they are sometimes even in the bathroom). I don’t know what to do with them all. The worst part is, most of them I have never even read.


I tried to clean up my bookcases the other day. My theory was I wanted to take the books from my “teaching” bookshelf and add them to my non-fiction bookcase (what, you mean you don’t have your books in genres then alphabetical order?). I am trying to get rid of the teaching bookcase because I want to make myself a little place to set up my computer and write. As it stands now, I write with my Mac (yes, I am NOT a PC) and Yoda on the kitchen table. Trust me, this is not good for my diet. I start getting frustrated on a piece and I look up to see Krimpets or those seasonal spiced wafer cookies. I can’t loose weight like this! It is also bad for my writing because the table is cluttered and I start thinking I should clean the clutter instead of writing.


So, I thought maybe I could condense my bookcases. I knew I would have to go through my books and decide who gets to live another day in my house. But it’s hard. I look at some of my books and I am like, “No, I seriously am going to read this.” So after looking over my three bookcases, I only ex-spelled like twenty books. I still haven’t found room for the other books lying around the apartment. Also, what do I do with the twenty books I know I don’t want?


I can’t just throw them out. I was thinking of putting them on craigslist or something, but what do I say, “Unwanted, never read books seek a loving home?” I could just send them to friends, but times are hard and that money I would use for shipping I could use to buy more tea or kitty litter.


I don’t know what upsets me more; the fact that I spent all that money on books I thought I wanted to read or the fact that now I have no place for them.


I start thinking, “how did I end up this way?”

Then it hits me and I remember it clearly.


I would go to the bookstore every week. I had a pattern. Check the bestseller wall, then mosey over to the new paperback table, and then go to the “buy 3 get one free” table. We all know I can’t refuse a sale and, man; these are books we are talking about! So, about sixty bucks later, I go home with four books I will never read. I will want to read them, but then I put them on the shelf and forget out them.


Do the math… sixty bucks times fifty-two. In one year, I spent over three thousand dollars in books. That screams addiction, doesn’t it?


I have gotten better. I don’t go to the bookstore as often as I used to go. Then when I do go, I find those four books I would have purchased and I snuggle up in a corner. I start reading the first chapter. If the book sucks, I just put it back. Because of this added step, I have been leaving the bookstore with only one book. Also, I read the book that day. It doesn’t go on the bookshelf unless it was a really good book and I want to keep it. If the book is a “pass along” it goes in a bag that I will someday have the money to ship off to a friend.


I am getting better, but I still slip. Just the other day I went into the bookstore looking for a book and picked up a second book. The book I didn’t know I wanted I am reading now and the one I went for is on the shelf. It could have been worse; I could have gotten four books plus the one I wanted in the first place.


Although having a book addiction it’s the worst addiction; it still is an addiction. Laugh if you want to, but with three grand, I could have put a down payment on a new car. Instead, I have a pile of books I don’t even want and don’t know what to do with them.


Not so funny now, is it?